About Sure Antennas

Sure Antennas is a trading style of SFL Mobile Radio Limited. Sure Antennas occupies a niche position within the mobile antenna design and build marketplace.

Sure Antennas

Located in the North West of England since 1977, SFL has developed thousands of RF critical antenna solutions for specialist radio operators throughout the world through a network of specialist partners.

Predominantly, Sure Antennas focuses on the design, manufacture and modification of OEM discreet antenna applications to vehicles that require total anonymity within the volatile environment that they are deployed. And in many cases, the vehicle will house the most sophisticated communications equipment in the industry.

Vehicles with a multi-mast appearance tend not to succeed in the professional surveillance environment. Sure Antennas provides antenna applications to conceal the specialist vehicle by modification of the OEM antenna in order to transmit and receive simultaneously with a number of transmitters without effecting the broadcast reception of the in-car entertainment system.

In this rapidly evolving industry (both new vehicle designs and RF equipment advancements), one thing which has remained consistent is our dedication to customer satisfaction. Sure Antennas’ design and prototyping service is renowned for producing RF vehicle antenna solutions, whether it involves the development of mass antennae or a single bespoke application. Sure Antennas relies on partnerships in order to drive the expansion process of the product portfolio.

Sure Antennas offers a wide range of ‘in house’ manufactured duplexer and multiplexer applications which allow the modified antenna to operate separate bandwidths simultaneously.

For convenience, we have created this document in order to provide technical data for many mainstream products. For further information please call our technical team on +44 (0)151 334 9160.