Overt low profile multi-function MIMO antenna
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ESN low profile multi-function MIMO antenna – ‘Sand Castle’

Product Code 8000-310
This low profile multi-function MIMO antenna,  affectionately known as the ‘Sand Castle’, has 12 functions and is specifically designed to help your ESN transition.

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Frequency Band

3G, 4G, GPS/Glonas, GSM, LTE, MiMO, Tetra, UHF, WLAN

  • 4x Wideband LTE 2G 3G 4G Elements
  • 12 functions in one antenna
  • Ultra Wide Bandwidth 700MHz – 6000Mhz
  • Optional MiMo Dual Band WiFi/WiMAX
  • Low Profile
  • Simple single hole installation
  • GPS/GNSS Ports DC isolated
  • Optional support for Tetra/WiFi/LTE whip
  • Suitable for blue light fleets
  • Can be painted to match any vehicle colour

Part number 8000-310, affectionately known as the ‘Sand Castle’ is a multi-function antenna specifically designed to help your ESN transition.

With 4x Ultra Wideband antenna elements covering 700MHz to 6GHz, this antenna could future proof your vehicle installation for years to come.

It has a minimum 4dBi gain across the band, making it an efficient option for all public safety applications.

With the option of additional MiMo Dual Band WiFi, and optional Tetra whip mounting, the need for drilling extra holes in your vehicles roof is long gone.

And with a single hole fitting, the cost of installation is reduced whilst protecting the resale value of your vehicle.
Other variants are available including extension cable options.

All our antennas are modified to your required frequency and each antenna fully tested to specification before leaving our technicians.

Our website currently shows a small number of available frequencies, please contact us on 0151 334 9160 with your frequency to discuss compatibility.

'Sand Castle' 12 in 1 multifunction MiMo Antenna System8000-310DOWNLOAD
'Sand Castle' 13 in 1 multifunction MiMo Antenna System8000-311DOWNLOAD