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IP Site Connect

A digital solution uses the Internet to extend the coverage of your MOTOTRBO communication system.

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  • Share voice and data applications across an unlimited geographical area
  • Network multiple repeaters
  • Monitor and control repeaters
  • Enables users to seamlessly roam between sites
  • Track or send a message to any device in a wide area from a single server.

Ip Site connect is a communication solution for the most geographically dispersed locations, enabling voice and data communications across cities, regions or even countries. 

A wide area of coverage can be created with automatic roaming capabilities from one coverage area to another without the need of any manual intervention. Radio coverage can also be enhanced for a single site eg high-rise building or a tunnel project.

With this solution, you can extend communication capabilities for a work force or organisation beyond the levels two-way radio has achieved before. In turn improving customer service and increasing workforce productivity.