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A very busy week last week at the #BAPCO and #FCS exhibitions. It was great meeting new and existing customers! #antennas


At Sure Antennas we are world leaders and innovators in the creation and implementation of Covert Radio Antennas onto OEM vehicles. During our 30 years of experience in antenna technology we have worked on and created a number applications for vehicles, within both the government sector and private sector organisations.

Here at Sure Antennas we modify genuine OEM car antennas to hide and disguise the fact that your vehicle is equipped with the latest radio communication equipment. Once modified, your vehicle antennas will transmit and receive within the desired frequency banding, whilst also maintaining its original features such as GPS and GSM.  Our range of Covert Antennas has proven to offer up to an 80% increase in range when tested alongside regular on-glass semi covert applications.

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